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Wedding Season Advice


Ladies (and Gents),

Engagement Season is upon us! Each year the holidays bring out the rings and guys are dropping like flies trying to get their beloved to say I do!

You did get down on one knee, didn’t you dude?
From a venues perspective it means that the phone starts ringing, literally, off the hook! From Mid-December, for those sharp enough to get a jump on the competition, through the end of January, we hear from hundreds of Couples seeking information on our venue. It is, by far, the busiest month of the year for inquiries and most of all,
Location Site Visits!

Since the Engagement season is almost upon us I present these simple words of advice.

Prime Available dates get snatched up quickly so getem’ while they’re hot!

I know when you hear, “you’d better act fast, the date won’t last, it makes you think that this is just a sales pitch. The thing is, most of the time, it’s probably true!
Just today I had three couples who “definitely” wanted to book October 9th, one of only two open October dates. Two of them didn’t get it. I have three couples asking about November 20th as well. The ones that act quickly and move forward get the dates! Doesn’t mean that you have to throw deposit money at the first thing you see but…

Find out the venues date holding policy and use it to your advantage!

At our venue we require that you request a proposal in order to hold a date so that’s your first step. Once you request the proposal we place the date on hold for you for two weeks before you need to put down your deposit. That way, you still have a chance to check out your other options, but while you do, you won’t lose the date! Without a request for proposal I can’t keep track of the casual inquiries and, truthfully, really don’t even try!
What often happens is that when you ask casually about a date, most of the time the venue doesn’t have it officially on record. It happened several times this week already! So, request the proposal!

Some venues won’t even “pencil you in” around this time of the year. I know we’re lucky in that way but there are just too many casual requests to keep track of.

A lot of couples come in and tell me they just want to see the venue and they really don’t have any dates in mind. Assuming you like the venue, that extra delay in deciding on dates could cause you to lose out on dates that might have worked

My point is that you should discuss in advance a couple of dates in mind that you know will work for you. I know sometimes it all depends on the venues availability but this way if the venue does have one of your dates, if you like the place, you can at least move to the next step pretty quickly.
So, although it seems obvious I re iterate, do your research before you come in and most of all, DISCUSS!

More on the beauty of discussions in my next blog!