Rosy's Jazz Hall

The Plus One Syndrome


Oh Its Just One More Guest, They Won’t Mind.

What would you do If you have received an invitation to a Rosy’s Jazz Hall wedding, but your invitation wasn’t addressed to you and Guest or didn’t include your +1 ? The person that invited you knows that you have been dating your boyfriend for over six months now, so should you figure that you can just bring him along?

After all he is your “very” significant other! You’ve been dating for Six Months! You could never go without him!! That’s just so rude of them!! Well, you’re not going without him. Plus I want him to check out Rosy’s for OUR New Orleans Wedding! Hrummph!

Now how about the Brides side:
Creating a guest list might be the most stressful part of planning a wedding. Remember every guest will add greatly to the cost as you are paying a per person fee. It’s not like a back yard bash where the more the merrier. Each guest has to be accounted for and more importantly PAID for!

You have to make the cut somewhere. Plus you may not realize that you are the fourth or fifth cousin that is in a new relationship so your “ Plus one “ is actually five “ plus ones” So if they didn’t include your boyfriend on your invitation, then she probably has a very good reason for not doing so.

If not, then. Just attend your cousin’s wedding at Rosy’s Jazz Hall with someone who is already invited, and have a great time!

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