I hope all finds you and the business well. I realized I never wrote you back about the experience we had with Rosy's and it was not until this past weekend as we were celebrating our two year anniversary with friends that I truly realized we had a one of kind,unforgettable night at your venue. I am saying this off of the fact that our guest are STILL basking and raving about our wedding night from two years ago, and let's face it, the reception is really for them anyway. From start to finish we had the support of you all and you worked with us on every detail from customizing the menu, providing A+ vendor recommendations, to allowing us to add things last minute without hesitation. Rosy's staff was nothing but professional with every phone call, email, or meeting. As for the venue, it was the perfect frame for the love that filled the room on our wedding night. The lighting and details do not go unnoticed either, and some of my favorite pictures are up on that stage. I would highly recommend Rosy's to anyone needing a venue for a office party or whole wedding because honestly there is not a single thing I can say negative.

So thanks again for all your hard work, it is still paying off and many still think it was the best wedding they have gone to!

Best Regards,

Hi Darlene,

I am sorry that I haven’t reached out sooner! We are so grateful for you and Steve and Rosy’s!!! Everyone is still talking about our wedding and those that weren’t there, and have seen pictures are sick with jealousy. We haven’t received the professional pictures yet, but I will be sure to send some of them over. Darlene, you were amazing!!! I wanted for nothing the entire night and the only thing I could ask for was a 6 hour wedding reception! HAHA! We didn’t want it to end. The food was beyond delicious and the drinks were flowing! I unfortunately never made it to the bar because everyone kept my drink full, but the staff did such a great job. I cannot say enough thank you’s for making our special day one of the best, not only for us, but for our guests. One thing I wanted was for people to feel like they were at the best wedding ever…and they did! People flew in from as far as the Netherlands for our wedding and I don’t think anyone had regrets spending the money to be there.

Darlene and Steve, you are one of a kind! I will recommend you for years to come. We are already trying to figure out what we need to have another big party for at Rosy’s!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rebekah and Brice

Couples love us! See our reviews on The Knot.

I cannot even begin to thank you enough for the amazing and beautiful ceremony and reception we had at Rosy's Jazz Hall.  We have absolutely no complaints about Rosy's; it was the perfect place and exactly what we wanted!  We keep hearing from our guests about how beautiful and romantic the building was and how the food was better than any other wedding food!  We also got a lot of compliments on the bar and we keep hearing stories about how drunk everyone got (which is exactly what we wanted!).  There were apparently a few wild after parties (we went back to the hotel), so the festive mood created by Rosy's continued throughout the night!  I only wish it wouldn't have all happened so fast!

I cannot thank you and Darlene enough (Darlene, you were amazing, on top of everything, and soooo helpful!!!!) for such an incredible evening!  Maybe we'll renew our vows at Rosy's in 10 years!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Polly and Jeremy's Wedding

Hi Steve! 

Thank you so much for everything! We had an absolutely amazing time, as did all of our guests! Darlene was great from beginning to end as was your entire staff. I realize we had a slew of random details and accents to add and everything was executed perfectly! I only wish Ronnie and I had more time to enjoy it ... when they say your wedding flies by, they mean it! We did, however, take the time out to munch on the great food that was packed for up for us. :) That was so sweet. We have talked with family and friends and have had nothing but postive feedback. From the food to the ambience ... it was great! 

Thank you again for everything! 



Jessica Walker
Jessica and Ronnie's Wedding

A very belated THANK YOU so much Steve and Darlene for making our wedding on Oct 6th the most amazingly fun and awesome night of our lives. You made the planning so easy, the food was delicious, and I never for a second worried about anything. Your idea to get a second line brass band was what clinched it, though - all of our guests are still talking about it. In fact, several have told us that it was the most fun wedding they've ever been to - of course it was, because you guys made it so!

Thank you thank you thank you a million times for making our wedding amazing.

Jenn and Loren


     Hi Darlene, 

     I don't know if it was just because it was my daughter's wedding or what, but Lynell and Stuart's wedding was the most awesome wedding I ever attended. Rosy's, Steve, and you are all amazing. I've never had so many people tell me how much fun they had at a wedding before. 

     Thanks so much!


Lynn Shirer
Shirer/Johnson Wedding

Hey Steve!

Words cannot describe how perfect our reception was! Every hope and dream I had for my reception came true! Rosy's was without a doubt the perfect place for Jeremy and I to celebrate our marriage. Everyone had nothing but great things to say about the venue, and keep saying how they had a blast! Much thanks to both you and Darlene for everything you did for us the entire night and entire year leading up to the big day! Thanks for making our special day everything we have dreamed of!

Love Always, 

Kelly and Jeremy

Kelly and Jeremy's Reception

Darlene and Steve, 

Now that life has returned to something like normal, I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all your hard work and genuine care for making our wedding day so special. The wedding was AMAZING! Seriously, we are sure that everything went off without a hitch and it was just as we envisioned. . . I wanted to thank you for making our wedding day so memorable and really, a kick ass time. 



Lindsay and Steve

Reynolds - Alsup Wedding

It was MAGICAL! I day dream about it now and it almost doesn't feel real. It was THAT WONDERFUL! I cannot thank you two enough for everything. Really, I have nothing but praise for the two of you and for your beautiful venue.  All we have heard from everyone was how exceptional everything was. And I really loved the ceramony in the atrium. That rain was a blessing in disguise and it left just in time for the parade!

I hear the food was incredible as well (only wish I had eaten some of it....too busy talking, dancing, and drinking).

Darlene, you were steps ahead of us, you took care of every single bit of every single things, and you do so with ease and class.

Steve, you were kind and genuine and made everything easy going for us as we could imagine.

I'm sad it's over, to be honest. But as for myself and from what I hear from everyone else, no one who was there will ever forget the amazing celebration night at Rosy's.  With all my heart, I thank you.

Daynia & Brett

Rosy's Jazz Hall Weddings Testimonials


The Hicks Wedding

Lauren and Jeremy's Wedding

The Bond Wedding

I can't tell you how much we appreciate you sharing Rosy's for our very special day. Steve, the food was amazing and and the displays were breathtaking. Our friends and family raved over everything that was served. Darlene, how wonderful was it to have you as a support person throughout this process. You really made me feel as though I had a friend helping me along the way. Planning went so smoothly, all vendors we perfectly scheduled, the decorations were perfect!  I had no worries that everything would be just perfect. I couldn't have dreamed of a better place to celebrate the start of our marriage. My friends have been commenting on on how cool the venue was.... I'm secretly hoping someone will have their wedding there soon so I can re-live the memories. A thousand "thank yous" for everything that you did to make this a relaxing, enjoyable and unforgettable experience. 

Hope you have a wonderful week,

Ashley "Ferrand" Bowman

Steve and Darlene,

We had SUCH a great time at Rosy's.  We have had so many compliments--not just from out of towners who haven't been to New Orleans or maybe even a fun wedding, but also some locals who have been to dozens and dozens of weddings and receptions at churches, hotel ballrooms, Brennan family joints, City Park, the Botanical Gardens, you name it....they were all knocked out about the place, the vibe, and the food.  Even some people who used to go to Rosy's back in the day when it was a club but hadn't been back since said they were amazed.  Trust me, I hear a lot of critiques about wedding and party catering from some of my more "jaded" old school New Orleans co-workers, but everyone was so enthusiastic about the spread we had.  The Courtyard Kings were a big hit, too.

We got a lot of compliments on our flowers, favors, centerpieces, etc., but I really feel like those things wouldn't have been quite as effective anywhere else.  You guys set everything up perfectly and made us look good.  We really never had any worries.  

Please know that we'll be recommending Rosy's to everyone and I hope I can come back as an audience member instead of a groom sometime in the future!

Thanks so much,



Ryan and Leora

Hi Steve,

Neither of us can think of anything that could've been better. You and Darlene were awesome, flexible, accommodating and helpful, and we really appreciate it. We got tons of compliments on the venue and food too. As a bride, during and before the actual event when I could've been super stressed, I was totally confident that Darlene would take care of everything and handle any issues that arise and she did. She was really great.

Thanks so much. We were both so happy with how our wedding turned out. We'll post on Facebook soon and get you a pic as well.



Dear Steve, Russ and Phil:
Thank you so much for hosting PRC's first ever 'Rockin' at Rosy's event on September 21st. Everyone who attended had a wonderful time! The food was delicious and enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks again for hosting our event. It was a huge success.

Beverly Lamb and Ann Heslin
Preservation Resource Council

Dear Steve:
Once again I wanted to thank you for everything you did to help with our class reunion that was held at Rosy's this past weekend. Through all of the obstacles we encountered during the planning of the event, (from our end), it seemed that no matter what we threw at you, you were able to deal with it, and put our minds at ease. You and your staff were extremely courteous, professional, and accomodating.

Stacey Marino
GKHS '92 Reunion Committee